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Russia displays interest in Indian biotechnology

Indian mass-media cite the opinion of Mr Vasilov President and CEO of the Russia Biotechnology Society expressed last week during his visit to India "The «Russian biotechnology is going to establish partner relation and to create joint ventures with Indian companies. Our Society joints over 4000 members , they are eager to collaborate with Indian biotechnological and pharmaceutical firms, to commercialize innovations , to establish joint ventures."

Russia is especially interested in vaccines, agrobiotechnology, nanobiotechnologies, bioinformatics, as well as in clinical trials.

During his stay Mr. Vasilov paid a visit to Genoma Valley and was impressed by the progress of such renown companies as Bharat Biotech and Vimta Labs.Mr Vasilov told that a large Russian delegation will take part in the 7th International Forum BioAsia, which will be held February, 3-6 in Haidarabad the famous scientific and technological stronghold of India. "BioAsia" forum hosts major international players active in the filed of biotechnology, biopharmaceutucs, agrobiotechnology. Mr. Vasilov anticipates that the ppropriate decisions concerning Russia's investments will be taken in the frame of the Forum.

The Russian Government is elaborating the National program of the biotechnology development." Besides others it pursues the target to create special bioregions which can generate stimuli for industrial development. Considering the fact that Indian firms already operate in Russia, we would like to upgrade our relations", so Dr.. Vasilov. " "Russia disposes of very influential players on the biotechnological market such as Microgen and BioProcess. The efforts of biotechnological companies will contribute to the anticipated sector's growth - up to $50 billion in 2020.", told R. Vasilov.

Information Agency «Remedium», 21.12.2009


Дата:  22.12.2009


I agree with almost all the cmoemnts above. U of A has been in Phoenix for a long time in the Health Sciences. Banner screwed MIHS by choosing not to partner with them, and then withdrew from its deal in downtown. Downtown needs a hospital for the medical school students to train in. And BTW, the County Hospital takes indigents that no one else takes, and health care WOULD suffr without it. I hope Betsy (Bayless) and UA can pull this together.UA also runs a statewide telemedicine program out of Phoenix, with the capability to do remote diagnosis.The only place i don't agree: it seems every city in the Valley is angling to have a cancer center. Gilbert has one, Goodyear has one, Scottsdale has one, etc. I remember when all these cities were angling for heart hospitals and cardiac cath labs. It's a real duplication of facilities and money. Unfortunately UA Cancer center is not the one that needs to be curtailed it has had a stellar reputation before any of the others got here (CTCA, MDAnderson, etc).

I agree with almost all the cmoemnts above. U of A has been in Phoenix for a long time in the Health Sciences. Banner screwed MIHS by choosing not to, 11.10.2013 09:42:31

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