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Region Belgorod to commence implementation of the biotechnology concept


Belgorod region is the leader in the pork and poultry production . Subsequently it became the powerful generator of harmful wastes - poultry generates over 1 million dung , swines - nearly 1.8 million cubicmeter of liquid dung a year. As the result the environment is infected by methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide endangering the human health.

The governor of the region has established a council responsible for biotechnology and bioenergetics development. It is envisaged to build devices which would process the agricultural wastes . The project is expected to be profitable, to create the market of the own organic fertilizers and to give new jobs.


Дата:  14.02.2010


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Good to see a tleant at work. I canВ’t match that.

Good to see a tleant at work. I canВ’t match that., 19.06.2011 21:31:14

Wow! Great tnhiknig! JK

Wow! Great tnhiknig! JK, 25.04.2011 02:32:52

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