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    Five perspective trends in Russian biotechnology

    - Immunomodulators and diagnostic test kits
    - Functional food
    - Pharmaceuticals
    - Veterinary preparations
    - Medical preparations for especially dangerous infections' treatment

    (Sources: Ministry of Healthcare of RF, "Sanepidprom")

    16.01.2008 09:28:16

    Russian medical biotechnologies development is hampered by the lack of the clear state policy

    November 16, 2007 the Roundtable "Russian medical biotechnology: current state and perspective of further development" took place in the Collegium Hall of the Ministry of education and science of RF. The event was hosted by the Foundation "The Centre of economic researches and spreading of economic information "Opened economy".

    The problems of technological platforms development in the field of medical biotechnology in Russia and future trends of the industry have been discussed. The speakers emphasized that the demand for the new platforms currently correlates with structure of social significant diseases such as tuberculosis and sexual transmitted diseases, cancer and cardio-vascular diseases. Speakers stressed also a necessity of setting up the nano-technologies based platforms providing early diagnosis and reliable prognosis and the opportunity to reveal the genome sites responsible for drug resistance.

    20.12.2007 04:47:41

    Influence of biotechnology on today and future society

    What influence does biotechnology have on the today's society and what position will it have reached in twenty years time? At the beginning of this year, 51 experts from science and industry came together to answer these and other questions. Their results have now been presented in a so-called "Cologne Paper" at the biotechnology conference "En Route to the Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy", which took place under the umbrella of the German European Council Presidency on 30 May in Cologne.

    10.12.2007 08:22:07

    Further proof that food products from GM-fed animals are equivalent to conventional counterparts

    According to a recent study by the Council for Agricultural Science & Technology (CAST), an international consortium of 38 scientific and professional societies, products from Genetically Modified (GM) fed animal are sources of high-quality food and are equivalent to their conventional counterparts.

    13.11.2007 06:08:53

    BIO-Asia 2008

    The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) announced the fifth annual BIO-Asia Partnering Conference, January 28-29, 2008, in Tokyo, Japan at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

    13.11.2007 05:53:11

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

    FAO has settled web pages on biotechnology and supports science based evolution system that would objectively determine the benefits and risks of each individual GMO ( This calls for a cautions case by case approach to address legitimate concerns for biotechnology of each product or process prior to its release . However FAO is also aware of the concern about the potential risks passed by several aspects of biotechnologies.

    12.11.2007 07:44:30

    GERMANY: Pharmaceuticals Initiative launched

    Biotechnology is already of enormous importance in terms of the development of medicines. In 2006 medicines from biotech labs accounted for 12 per cent of overall turnover in the pharmaceuticals industry in Germany . That corresponds to a sales volume of 3.1 billion euros. In addition, nowadays there is hardly a conventional pharmaceutical development in which biotechnology is not involved in some way or other.


    08.11.2007 06:08:59

    EurasiaBIO Issues Call for Presentation Proposals for 2008 EurasiaBIO International Convention

    MOSCOW, Russia (August 11, 2007) — The EurasiaBIO invites leaders in the spheres of science, finance, business, law, and government policy to submit proposals for presentation at the EurasiaBio International Conference, to be held April 24-25, 2008, at the Moscow's Expocentr Convention and Exhibition Center.

    The EurasiaBIO International Conference will be the number one resource for the latest information and the newest opportunities for executives, investors, scientists, policy leaders, and journalists from Russia & CIS countries, as we as from around the world. Speakers at the sessions will share breakthroughs in medicine, diagnostics, the environment, energy production, food and agriculture, and more.

    03.09.2007 09:22:35
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