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Inference of the II International Congress "EurasiaBio-2010" biotechnology and business in Russia and in the world (Moscow, April 12-15, 2010 )

Press release

April, 12-15 2010 Moscow (the International Trade Center) hosted the II International Congress-Fair "EurasiaBio- 2010" organized by the Ya. A. Ovtchinnikov Russian Biotechnology Society (RBS) supported by the State Duma of RF, Federal Agency ROSSOTRUDNITCHESTVO, the Russian Society of Sciences, the Russian Trade and Industry Chamber , the Union of biotechnological enterprises. Leading specialists in the field of biotechnology, representatives of science, business, administration bodies from Russia and 40 countries participated at the congress activity. The Congress was welcomed by the Russian Minister of Education and Science Andrey Fursenko and by the President of the Russian Trade and Industry Chamber Evgeny Primakov.
The Congress was opened by the Honorary Chairman of the Organizing Committee, the First Deputy of the RF State Duma Chairman Oleg Morozov. In his speech Morozov underlined the high scientific, industrial and social importance of the biotechnology as the XXI century priority and enlightened the role of the International Congress "EurasiaBio" as the industrial instrument of collaboration between scientists and practitioners in the European-Asian space.
The Congress was marked by the high level of foreign specialists representation, Stephen Barril - the leading world known investor in the biotechnology field, USA, Leroy Hood - one of biotechnology pioneers, Professor , USA, Balasubraman Natesh - the biotechnology adviser of the Indian Government among them. Outstanding administrative persons such as Maive Root - Director of the EU biotechnology Department, Nijama Enhbold - the vice speaker of Mongolia, Tair Mansurov - the General Secretary of EurasEC and others participated at the Congress work.
The first plenary session including program lectures of the Russian Government representative and foreign guests have pulsed the business tone to the entire event. Alexandr Khlunov, the Director of the Science, High Technologies and Education Department in the Russian Government presented the position of the State in the biotechnology sphere. He stressed that the Russian Government and profile ministries have paid a great attention to the development of the contemporary pharmaceutics by establishing the target strategy "Pharma-2020" . He pointed that it is absolutely necessary to develop a separate bioeconomy program for Russia , all the efforts in the direction will be supported by the Russian Government.
Both outstanding representatives of science and business L. Hood and S. Barrill have presented in their lectures the last achievements and perspectives of biotechnology, especially in the field of medicine. The issue is the creation of the medicine of the future, the so called personalized medicine which will imply postgenom technologies and newest biomaterials applied in diagnostics, prevention and treatment of each individual .
The plenary discussion issuing national bioeconomics development strategies attended by representatives of Russia, EU, China, India, Mongolia stipulated the importance of ideas and practical approaches integration for the Eurasian biotechnology progress.
"Eurasiabio- 2020" selected as the principal issues "Medicine and health care", "Fuel and energy", Food products and agriculture", Systemic biology and biotechnology", "Organizational and economy pillars of the biotechnology" "The biotechnology in the world".
This directions embraced over 50 meetings, round tables, workshops with over 200 reports presented by the leading Russian and foreign biotechnologists. The event made it possibly to evaluate the status of the bioindustry both in the world and in separate regions, especially in Eurasia.
Most advanced forms of the science and business communication were implied including partnering, business school in bioeconomy, multiprofile exhibition, presentation of companies, regions, programs and projects.
The Congress' content was characterized by a broad geography of the Russian regions which have set on bioindustry priority. Tatarstan and Thuvashia Republiks for instance presented their long-term biotechnology development programs , their shared their experience with other RF subjects. Other RF subjects - Penza and Kirov regions presented their expositions and plans of the own development of the biotechnology as well.
The long-term biotechnology development strategy until 2020 initiated by RBS and the Union of biotechnology enterprises became one of the central topics . The document has undergone the procedure of the primary expertise and public discussion in more than 50 regions. During the Congress the Strategy has found support on the international level as well.
The partnering system allowed to sign several agreements on mutual projects : concerning the deep corn processing (Thuvash republic, Penza region), forest biotechnology (Penza region) etc. FABA and RBS signed the Agreement on establishing the Russia-Indian biotechnology portal. Cooperation agreements between Japan bioindustry association and the Union of biotechnology enterprises, Japan bioventure association and RBS and other have been signed.
The Congress succeed largely through contribution of the broad-scale satellite events. It embraced also the "Medbiotech" conference, organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences and RBS, "Biotechnology and Society" forum, organized by RBS and the Institute of Philosophy, RAS, "Bioethanol-2010, organized by the National biofuelk association and RBS, the VI International symposium "EC-Russia :collaboration in the field of biotechnology, agriculture, forestry, fishery and food in the 7. frame EC program, organized by the National contacts point on FP7, A. Bakh Institute for Biochemistry, RAS).
The Congress was marked by the unique event - the inference of the All-Russia journalist contest in the topic "Biotechnology in Russia - science, economy, society", organized by RBS and the Russian journalists Union. 90 applications for 15 regions of the country have been sent, 17 publication and video films dedicated to actual biotechnology subjects were awarded in different nomination.
The Congress found a broad public resonance thank to the active intgeraction with mass-media and information support of the leading Russian media structures ("Rossijaskaya gazeta" newspaper, magazine "Expert", radiostation "Business FM", Internet-portal "" etc.
The establishing of the Eurasian biotechnology Federation EABF became the significant closure event of the Congress. Russia, Ukraine, Kasakhstan, India, Mongolia, Austria signing the relative document acted as EABF founders . China, Slovenia and Finland intent to joint the Federation. It is envisaged that the Federation will expand through entering other Eurasian countries , including those of the post-Soviet space. The Federation is essential for contributing to the sustainable development of bioeconomics and cooperation in Eurasia und beyond. EABF will facilitate the dialogue between science, industry, business and regulatory and administrative bodies involved in the bioindustry.
During the conclusion meeting of the Congress the participant expressed their unanimous opinion that "EurasiaBio" presents the unifying initiative of public organizations and business community aimet at the enforced development of the biotechnology as the base of the modern economy in most world countries. It has been decided to perform the event annually in the key cities of Eurasia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kiev, Vienna, Astana, Ulan -Bator etc ).

Prepared by Evgenia Novosad
RBS press-service


Дата:  26.04.2010


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